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depression quotes in english about life, love, death and being alone

best beautiful depression quotes in English about life, love, death and being alone. Depressing quotes

I always hate getting flashbacks from things that I don’t want to remember.

Depression in life is like a bruise that never goes away. A bruise in your mind. You just got to be careful not to touch it where it hurts. It’s always there, though.

Everything is a battle, every breath is a war, and I don’t think I’m winning anymore.This Thinking is called Depression.

Sometimes In life, you feel sad without any reason, and you can’t help it. And you can’t deal with it.

Behind my smile is a hurting heart, behind my laugh, I’m falling apart. Look closely at me, and you will see, the girl I am, it isn’t me anymore.

I’m choosing happiness over suffering, I know I am. I’m making space for the unknown future to fill up my life with yet-to-come surprises.

I can’t think of anything more disheartening than living a life without a clear purpose.

We can’t breath because of the pain that we feel inside Heart, it feels like drowning Deeply.

Every time people ask me if I’m okay, it’s just a reminder that I’m not OK at all.

When I’m upset. I shut myself Off. I have no motivation for Doing anything New.

Pain is always emotional. Fear and depression keep constant company with chronic hurting in Human’s Mind.

Nobody gets excited about the future at all, ever. The future is something we find depressing and worrisome.

Sadness is a short adjustment period. Depression is a long-term illness.

Death comes to us all; we can only choose how to face it when it comes.

People aren’t born sad; we make them that way.

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